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Spray Foam & Roof Coating

How it Works

Stout Roofing has all the equipment needed to cover flat roof homes, businesses or even back patios. Spray Foam has many advantages such as built-in insulation value. The spray foam product is similar to the spray foam attic insulation, but the roofing solution sprays out and rises to a much smoother surface. The spray foam product fills all voids and comes together as a seamless roofing solution. When the roof coating is applied, the coating then adds reflectivity to the insulation value making it a cool roof system that reflects heat instead of absorbing it. This is a great benefit in comparison to a torch down or modified bitumen roof system, that much like a roofing shingle, absorbs and holds heat.

Benefits of Spray Foam

One of the benefits of a polyurethane roof is its ability to be re-coated. The roof system can be cleaned and recoated to extend the roof another 5-20 years. A well-maintained foam roof could last 50+ years. Spray polyurethane foam roofs are quickly installed.

Spray foam roofs are installed quicker than other roofing systems, due to:
  • Most SPF roofing projects involve little to no tear off
  • Spray foam roofs are spray-applied, meaning they can go around penetrations with ease
  • Spray foam roofs require less material and equipment than traditional roofing systems
  • Because spray foam is quickly installed, business interruption and labor costs are minimized.
Spray polyurethane foam roofs are easy to maintain and is a proven roof system since the 1960’s

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